As some of you know, I am battling a severe mix of medical conditions that have caused me to lose two industry jobs in the last two years. I have, with the exception of one month, been out of work since the beginning of  2016. That is the reason I had enough time on hand to create this website and the music content available here. However, I am now attempting to earn money online through various options that are available.

I highly suggest making a special email for online work, use a service that allows desktop and phone notifications, and a Paypal linked to that email account.

I started my online working experience with as a transcriptionist. This option seemed like a wonderful thing to boost me out of near-homelessness. I worked there for almost three months and did relatively well for someone with zero experience. I went from rookie to Revver+ in less than a month. I made an average of about $250 in my best weeks. However, this has come to a tragic end. My graders were not happy with some of my jobs and as a result, my metrics fell to one-tenth of a point below the requirements on the accuracy score alone. the rest of my scores were good. requires perfection, even if the audio file is total trash. My experience there has me now reading a book by Lisa Mills, Jump-Start Your Work At Home General Transcription Career. It is an ebook for about $5 available at If you are looking to start a side job in transcription, Rev may be a great starting point to get you accustomed to the basics. Just be sure to google everything that comes up that you aren’t familiar with. Research skills are an integral aspect of transcriptions.

                           Other transcription information:                          

Free version of Express Scribe transcription software for Windows:

I have also started out with some other online earning options, which I will be sharing on this page.

This is an interesting site dedicated to getting you in a good flow of very tiny income. If you have downtime or your brain is tired, this could be a good addition to your daily repertoire.  You can watch videos, perform tasks, and take surveys. you accrue points which can then be used to enter raffles, or stockpiled to cash out later. I am using my Paypal account to cash out. After just three days, I pulled in my first $10 to Paypal. If this sounds interesting, consider clicking this link and I will be rewarded for the referral. Thanks! AffiliateLINK

I have been accepted as a game tester at this site. They inform you after you qualify that you can expect one to two games per month. I am guessing this will earn about $5 to $10 a month LOL.

One cool plus is that you can add a kid to the account, up to 14 years old, and you can supervise as they playtest.

Either way, it seems like a fun addendum to the unimaginative tasks of online work.

At this time, they do not offer affiliate services.  


What I use my phone for: $10 a month from some of these apps.

Here are some apps to use daily to generate a small income for your time. I have all of my rewards sent to my Paypal account, but you can opt for gift cards as well. Why play games without getting paid?

Most of these basically pay you to let ads or other apps run on your device. Super easy.

Some people really freak out about data privacy, so they wouldn’t be so interested in some of these. The way I see it, our privacy is non-existent because of companies like Facebook and Google. So why not make money by helping other companies gather the same data that these two have taken without asking?*


Lucky Day AppLINK

My Lucky Number


                                                                                                                                                                        Scratch-off cards for free, enter raffles for free, earn points by trying other apps. You get free points which you can apply toward the daily raffles. It’s a chance at free money, all you have to do is let an ad play every now and then. If you get the app, enter my lucky code 5L4X755


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Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard LINK

A cool upgrade to the boring keyboard on your phone. You can even customize your keyboard yourself on this app. You gain access to different ways to earn cents. At the rate I use it, it looks like about 2 months to garner enough points for a $10 payout. Read news, watch ads, customize your keyboard (including colors, 3D, graphics, sounds), get paid per letter typed with the keyboard. You even earn for just changing the theme 3x a day. Super easy, not a huge time investment, get paid for texting. Must use Paypal. 

They start you out with a free $5 worth of points, so you just need to gain 3x that to get your first payout.

Cheetah products are diverse and the parent company, Cheetah Mobile, has over 600 million active daily users. Check out their phone security and cleaning apps on their webpage,


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Coin Pop

Coin Pop App affiliate link 

Hey, just found an App that gives you money for playing games! Discover games and apps that suit you. Cash for every minute you're playing (Amazon, PayPal, GooglePlay…)! It is as simple as it sounds: just open the link, download Coin Pop for free and start playing games. You will receive -4999 coins as a start-up bonus. 

My favorite so far. I get to play Guns of Glory, a strategy MMO and get paid for it.  Offered games in the app: Guns of Glory, Army Men Strike, Cookie Jam Blast, New Yahtzee® with buddies, Angry Birds 2, Township, Fishdom, Cookie Jam. your time value varies for each app, ranging from 100 to 250 points per minute.  They also offer the $0.50 payout to Paypal, or you can accept a $5 Steam card, a $2.50 Amazon card, or other options. They have an extensive list of gift card options. 


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Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter

This is an app that syncs into your phone to mine usage data. You are essentially helping developers learn what needs to be improved in tech. You earn 100 points to start off, 10 points a day, and 50 points per monthly mobile performance survey. They are getting really cheap data, but what are the odds that you would apply for a tech focus group study anyway? Make some cash just for having a phone. Super easy to use. Huge list of gift card options when you’re ready for a payout. They also have good reviews of prompt and satisfactory customer service. One thing to note: Some phones do not receive the full 10 points per day, due to the needs of the company. ” Our panel is overfull in your area for your operator at the moment. We can’t give users higher rewards level for this reason. We apologize for that.” Either way, it’s basically free money.

Hey want free gift cards? Go to


WARNING: As a courtesy, I am asking that no one ever try this app. I don’t know why Google allows it to remain in the app store. Cover artEarn Free Paypal Money: Free Paypal Cash.

Key indicators that an app is fraudulent: