Let me quickly drop an explanation, and then we can move forward with important things . . .

In short, prophet because I see, hear, taste, feel, experience things that other people don’t. There’s more to it, but to divulge would be akin to arrogance. Why war? It’s simple. Life is war. This world is a battlefield. JHVH is the Lord of war.

The Lord is a warrior, YHVH is His name! in Exodus 15:3

The God of the armies of Israel, in 1 Samuel 17:45

The Lord of Hosts, in Isaiah 47:4
If the Lord of armies . . . in Romans 9:27-29
The Lord mighty in battle, in Psalm 24:8
The Lord shall go forth as a mighty man . . . Like a man of war, in Isaiah 42:13-14
Here’s how it is portrayed in the original languages:

In the Hebrew Bible, the name Yahweh and the title Elohim frequently occur with the word tzevaot or sabaoth (“hosts” or “armies”, Hebrew: צבאות) as YHWH Elohe Tzevaot (“YHWH God of Hosts“), Elohe Tzevaot (“God of Hosts“), Adonai YHWH Tzevaot (“Lord YHWH of Hosts“) or, most frequently, YHWH Tzevaot (“YHWH of Hosts“).

Heavenly host – Wikipedia


And just in case those aren’t enough to convince you . . .

Adonai Tzva’ot, the “Lord of Hosts” is one of the names of God, used 235 times

God, who is the Light, and who is Love, is the God of war

How long will it take for that to make sense to you?

I was a warrior, I get it. I am a warrior, I intend to remain so for the rest of my time here. Why? Because I want to be like my Father, the God who rescued and saved me, clothed me and healed and fed me, kept me surrounded by strong warriors while I grew, taught me to love, filled me with light . . .

Give me one good reason to betray the warrior’s call. I challenge you.

And I’m on a path that will teach me to become my destiny in Christ, as per Psalm 18:34, He teaches my hands to war, that a bow of steel is broken by my hands.

So why is it called prophetofwar.com? because I am a warrior who repeats all calls to posts more distant from the guardhouse than my own. It’s an honest and upfront label to make it easy for passersby to see what is being presented. No hiding behind subtle “seeker-friendly” smooth words. In your face and full of effect, like it or leave it.

I was born in this time, for this place, for this destiny. I challenge you to convince me otherwise.

Geesh, that sounds kind of mean right there. You know what, listen to this song, it’s prettier and more enjoyable than what I just wrote here.

Prophet of War.

Much love, Marsh.

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