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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

My name is Nick A. Michael, 39 years old. You can call me Marsh.

I am a guy with a varied and unusual background. I was born in Southern California. I grew up with my mom and step-dad (who is awesome) in a bunch of cities in Oregon. I graduated from Mountain View High School in Bend, Oregon in 1997. I then went to the Marine Corps as a heavy gunner infantryman (0311B), followed by a stint in the Army as a Cavalry Scout (19D). I did some stuff related to that, after that.

I earned the nickname MarshHare during a cooperative training exercise with U.S. Marshals and Canadian Mounties somewhere near the Great Lakes. During a field exercise, one of the guys thought I looked like a crazy rabbit zigzagging between trees. Due to lack of imagination, they slammed me with the character name from Alice in Wonderland. The nickname Colonel came from another experience. I was never a Colonel in the military. In fact, I was expected to act as one on one of my internal missions. I did such a great impersonation of a Colonel that the team started referring to me that way. I did receive some reprimands for that label as well.

I married and had children with a woman that was very special to me. Our marriage didn’t work out, so I have been a long-distance father for some time. My kids are the number one motivation for me to succeed. I have an intrinsic need to leave a great legacy for them.

I was anointed to be a lay-minister by a pastor at Faith Christian Center, Bend, a couple decades ago. I worked with my wife as a Bible study teacher at a restricted girl’s home in Oregon. During that lay-ministry period, I was consistently called upon by members of the churches to investigate and deal with what they thought were demonic attacks or events in their lives. I have some very interesting memories from that time.


Following our divorce, I fell out of step with the Father. For eight years, I refused to answer his call. My reason was that I had failed at the most important human institution ordained by God. I felt that I didn’t qualify to serve after that. It took that long for the Father to get it through my skull that what I called my ‘shame’ was just an expression of my arrogance: as if I had the right to be more ashamed than anyone else.

One day I listened for His voice. Out of the blue, He shocked me by speaking to me. I have been attempting to pursue my calling ever since that conversation. It has taken a lot of anguish and hard-learned lessons. I couldn’t have made it this far without the extreme coaching and support of men like Shawn Vickers and Scott Hale.

I am now on the up-slope from an unexpected onset of clinical depression that was caused by a condition called fibromyalgia. I was first struck with fibro, carpal tunnel, and degenerative disk disease in the second half of 2015. I have had to learn what to expect these conditions to produce. Clinical depression is a physical malady caused by chronic pain. I am still learning that it is a sneaky beast.

I am now continuing the pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree, which I had dropped out of after five years of college ending in 2013. I am now a student at American Intercontinental University.

My varied civilian background includes stone and brick artistry (featured in publications), sous cheffing and restauranteering (featured in publications), high-end home remodel and painting, custom cabinetry, warehousing, building machines, customer service and retail, and window manufacturing.

I moved from Oregon to Wisconsin in 2015, just a few days after my 37th birthday. I greatly enjoyed the extremely low cost of living there. I am now back in Central Oregon, where the Father has me stationed. 

My desire is to leave trails of information that people can use to perform their own research to discover what it really means to love and obey YHWH. There is a huge amount of terrible information regarding doctrine and history that is based on either lies or faulty logic. It is difficult to arrive at workable conclusions, and it takes a serious amount of effort and research skill. Most of what we have been taught about the Bible, the history behind it, and what it says, is based on lies or bad logic. We have the personal responsibility to overcome the deception so that we can see and operate in the truth. 

I am building this website in order to fulfill my end of several promises I have made. I genuinely hope that you gain some kind of benefit from the work I am putting into this. I also expect to hear from you, whether you have negative or positive comments to make about me or my work. I like to be part of an engaged community.

Thank you for stopping by, and may you be blessed as you go, and bless as you go.


"You know that whatever I said, it wasn’t false. There were no participation ribbons in our family. Whatever I said or implied was real. None of you kids got accolades for drawing a stick man when you were adults and capable of so much more, although you did when you were little! So here goes a bunch of repetition in case you forgot. You can honestly say that “my Dad says” Among many other positive things that you are very creative, you are sensitive to other peoples feelings, you analyze things, you are a loving father, you made me very proud when you graduated Marine Corps boot camp, you are good at building structures, you are competitive. I liked your tree house, I like my paver walkway and I like my stone floor." - Neel Michael
"You are mutli-talented – be it with words, a drawing pencil or making things with your hands. You astound me with the depth of your abilities. You have a thirst for knowledge that devours everything you can get your hands on, and even if I can’t/don’t grasp most of what you share with me, I love that it lights a fire in you, just being able to share what you’ve learned. You’ve overcome more obstacles than I even know, in the physical and spiritual world. Your persistence in continuing to learn and grow, even through physical pain, is inspiring

I love you bro!!" - Laura W.


"Hey Nick,

I have checked out one of your sites and shared them with my mom.  

The interaction that I was speaking of was what you had written on the index card when we were at church about my education being an impetus to what I would be doing for God, but that it was only what I needed to get approval, not necessarily what is to be used once I got there. 

That is the gist of it... 

So you were right,

I have been counseling for over 4 years now, in private practice as a Christ Centered Addiction Counselor for the past 2. I am in the process of developing an Outpatient Treatment Program as an affiliate of WaterCup Counseling in Redmond. It is challenging to do with a new baby, but I am excited to see God bring it to fruition!!" - Rachel



I am an avid follower of the principles of life set out for us by Christ. It has become a huge fire in my soul to increase the life quality of people. I have deep compassion for everyone. It is such an influence on my thought life and personality that it has become the most compelling motivation for my actions. My strivings for success are really just stepping-stones that will lead me to a place where I can give without worrying about my own economic balance.

I believe that we cannot live fulfilled lives without offering ourselves as living sacrifices to others. But, there is a fine balance between what you offer, and offering it critically, or skeptically.

I believe that there is no purpose higher than to give all that you are in order to get others on a good path.


THE GOAL OF prophetofwar.com 

This is going to flush itself out as a compendium of everything that keeps me going. All of my training, experience, and insight from Heaven that has led me to where I am and is leading me to greater heights. I am sharing it because I have a need to do so. I believe technology, such as the internet, is the most lucrative way to reach out to a vast audience.

In order to achieve my goal of getting my knowledge to as many people as possible, I am utilizing some marketing technologies. The ads you find on this site will directly impact the finances of the ministry. It will help pay for my living expenses and the costs associated with the technologies.

I will never charge for my knowledge, but I am not ignorant. Someone has to pay for the service. By providing ads on prophetofwar.com, I am ensuring that I will be able to continue the online ministry. Please consider making this site one of your first stops to shop online. I will appreciate it intensely.

Always thinking of the parable of the man who found a treasure in a field, then sold all that he had to buy the field, in my mind one way of looking at it is that the church is the treasure and the ministry is the field. I will continue to put all that I have into serving others.

This ministry is designed to help both believers and non-believers alike, but I would love to hear that people are becoming believers by engaging here.

My highest goal here is to put so much information on the pages that everyone will be able to find at least one sentence or concept that will help them achieve greater success in life. If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to contact me.

Be blessed,



Nick A. Michael A.K.A. MarshHare





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