What Is The Power Of Compassion?

A common misunderstanding among Westerners is to conceive of compassion as an expression of weakness. According to most business models, numbers are the most important element of a successful campaign. According to some mainstream versions of masculinity and feminism, direct confrontation and extreme arrogance are the ultimate factors of apex hierarchy.

I suggest that compassion is the most powerful and motivating force on the planet, even in the universe. When true unbiased and unfettered compassion is unleashed, there is no amount of money, no level of strength, and no element of society that can stop the advance of the ideals that drive the compassionate.


What is compassion, Marsh?

To me, compassion is the real word that should be used for ‘true love.’ There are many ways to love. You can love something for its material properties or sensual attractions. This is what the ancient Greeks called EROS. You see, English has a way of imposing a meaninglessness on words, where other languages have more complex patterns of concept portrayal. In English, we use the same word for things that are considered completely separable to other languages. We say, “I love that car!” Well, that is not really loving. It is more like attraction or appreciation, sometimes a compulsive desire. We say, “I love my kids.” Again, that is a familial love, and the ancient Greeks called it philia. It is a natural love that most people would have a difficult time denying. We say, “I love myself.” Again, this is not very representative of actual love. Seriously, there are few people who don’t have the desire to remain alive and thus participate in activities to bolster their chances. Activities like eating, personal hygiene, self-education, physical training. . .

Compassion is that true form of love that is hard to achieve. It puts desire on a back-burner. It makes familial love look easy, and it often conflicts with self-love. Compassion is an inner fire, an urge to do anything for another that will increase the life value of that other. Compassion is self-sacrificial. It dominates, and it is supreme to all other forms of expression. If compassion one day left Earth, we would all perish in ruins and hunger.


Okay, that’s cool. How do I get compassion, Marsh?

It’s more simple than complex, even though most people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the origin of it. You see, millennia of useless philosophy and religious practices have totally rendered the understanding of basic reality a moot point in everyday conversation. If I say, “compassion comes from God,” your first reaction is based on your concept of God. You may have been influenced by atheism or politics, or some form of Christianity to understand God in a way that I would consider very strange. In my view, the ancient Tao of China is more relevant to understand God than what we offer in our modern churches. More on that in some other post, I suppose. So, If I say compassion comes from God, it really matters intrinsically what your concept of God is, right? Let me put it this way just to leave the realm of religion and philosophy. Let’s understand it from a purely universal approach, that even an atheist can agree with.

Compassion comes when you realize the epic value of each life. If you understand that meaningful existence is not entrapped by possession or achievement. If you can place the needs of others before your own basic needs. If you come to a point of realization that the universe is entirely made of compassion, it is what holds everything together.

You get compassion by killing your innate drive to pursue meaningless desires. You get compassion by eliminating your own egotistic view of the world. You get compassion by doing it. Once you engage in compassionate behavior, it will self-propel you into the vast horizons of ultimate meaning. It is not easy, and it is not constant, but you will realize one day that it is the only thing that really compels you, and you can’t live without it. It becomes a raging inferno of actionable desire; A desire to do whatever it takes to promote compassion by doing it. You know, most things can be promoted without using them or doing the actions associated. We can market anything to a vast population that would otherwise have never wanted it. However, compassion can only be promoted by doing it. You can’t tell someone the power of compassion, you have to display it yourself. You are basically coming head-to-head against the standards of society that mark success and fulfillment. Compassion overrides societal trends and smashes every biased and hateful element of communal interaction. This is why it can’t be sold, it has to be shown.


I think you’re crazy, Marsh.

I think you may be seeing me the way most people would. I am often labeled as strange or a little weird. Here’s the thing I want to point out, though. I don’t care what you think of me, as long as I am striving for perfection. You see, there is a fine line between insanity and super-genius. There is an unclear distinction between love and selfishness. There are multitudinous perceptions of meaning that will get you nowhere. I am attempting to push your thought life over the edge to the point that you can’t handle the basic and mundane anymore. You need more. You want to find what I’m talking about and you want it now. If I can get you to move past your cultural restrictions and your un-investigated ideals, I can assure you that between your own motivation and God’s interaction with you, you will become a force to be reckoned with in this world.


I think I’ll just stick with what I know, dude.

No offense intended here, but if you read all the way to this point, you can’t stick with what you have known. I just managed to inflict you with more knowledge. You have become a party to making the world a better place for absolutely everyone. Just by reading this, you will notice changes in how you behave, and it will take some strong internal deadening to keep you from moving forward.

I’m not manipulating you, this is simply the power of knowledge. Once you confront a different view of reality, your brain forces you to consider the potentials of pursuing the new information. All I have to do is tell you the basic facts and then you can see it all unfold all around you. Where before you only recognized truth based on your former knowledge, now you will recognize truth based on this added data.


Well, that’s cool. But I’m out of time bro.

No worries. I’m done talking anyway. I can only say so much before I become a chattering parrot. As I said, this stuff can’t be told, it has to be shown. So, you go do your thing and I’ll do mine. If I pop up in your life again, maybe you’ll recognize that I actually live what I mean. Maybe you’ll be doing better than me. Maybe you’ll have a lesson for me next time. In all that you do, let it be for the benefit of others. Whether you pursue financial independence, or a career centered on your passions, or just try to live a simple life, let it be for the benefit of others. That’s all I am asking.

Be blessed as you go, and bless as you go.

Much love,




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