This discussion opens the lid on some of my key beliefs. Listen with a critical and skeptical mindset, apply what you agree with and study further into what interests you. Enjoy the audio!

How often do you have conversations with people and the topic eventually turns into an argument about believing in God? What if you could take the following monologue and convert the principles in it to turn the arguments into breeding grounds for real conversation? Often the argument is based on whether God even exists. I often respond that, no, God does not exist – not the way you believe in God. The way you believe in God is ridiculous to me and I wouldn’t think He exists either.

I’d be in the same boat as the non-believer if my opinions about God were the same as theirs.

What if there was a way to turn disbelief into a cognitive thought process and get people to stop burrowing into their unbelief by simply pointing them to some basic facts? Here is a monologue about the nature of God and what it would be like to have no God.

“Here’s a little bit of a different conversation, because I’ve run across some people who take what I say completely wrong because their basic precepts are really just cornfuzzled. So, this is a time of education and I’m going to speak with some authoritative tone. But, think about it, pray about it. It’s no more important than anything else anyone else says…”

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