I recently moved from Wisconsin back to Oregon, which also happened to be – as a “coincidence” – where my buddy and former boss Shawn Vickers was looking for someone he could trust to help out on his farm. So I’m learning how to farm. I get two months to get back on my feet with an online income and to get in the flow of things here before I have to pay rent, and that is a huge blessing from Shawn.

He already did some work on the irrigation and has cleaned up the place quite a bit. He got his first crops last year, and the garden is still there, but we are going to expand it and get a bigger crop going. He has three goats, but we are probably going to be raising some for food.

There are no chickens, but that will change as soon as we can reconfigure the ramshackle clucker shack into a working coup. When I got here, he already had some plants going in the house, so we have gotten the outdoor growing room in the garage going for a transplant so they can grow bigger. There is a huge field already planted with lavender from the last owner of the property, so I have to figure out how to turn it into an income stream.

There is a lot going on, on top of college, trying to earn an income online, and trying to provide content for the website here. So a huge part of this blog is now going to be related to my learning curve on the farm. I will be challenging myself to share as I learn and to incorporate scholarly research and biblical data into the posts. The Bible is full of farming references so it should be fun to draw on the wisdom there. This is fun and has challenges, but we are going to turn this place out! Here’s the update video of the first week I was here. Have you ever had an experience like this? Maybe you moved into a completely new field of work or transitioned from city living to a farm or vice versa. Let me know in the comments!


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