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I have added resources to the navigation menu. You can find some of the most relevant and intellectually solid research and study aids as well as good concept analysis. I have included links to The God Culture, Rob Skiba, Koinonia House, as well as ancient language and texts resources. Dive in and have some fun learning something useful! It is time to shatter the assumptions and poorly contrived illogical conclusions that we have all been deceived with. The links to the sources in the Learning Center/Resources pages will get you started. I will probably add more scholars to the list in the near future. I do not necessarily agree with everything that is taught by every group or researcher, but in general, I find them all extremely helpful and knowledgeable. When you see links to authors such as Kurzweil, I am not endorsing their opinions and goals, I am only linking their work because it has shaped much of Western modern technological and even ethical determinations. Their content is useful to see the goals and aspirations that motivate investors who are moving massive amounts of money every day. If you want to know what the ruling elite are up to, follow the money.

You’re stuck in a glass box, I’m handing you a hammer.

You have to smash, I can’t do it for you.

One of the most difficult things in life is to admit that you have no real reason to believe the things that you have accepted. We all want to believe that what we know is true and that those that taught us were trustworthy. It has been a long time since history, the Bible, and scientific data were altered in order to promote certain ideas and change the course of the world. The more I study, the more I realize that everything has been touched. There is no part of our lives that hasn’t been manipulated in order to hide reality from us. Confronting this level of deception is uncomfortable, but it is worth the struggle. I highly encourage you to begin to learn how to think about the concepts that you hold true. In all honesty, we have to admit that most of what we know has just been handed to us and we have never checked the facts to see if what we were taught is true. Most of our modern beliefs about what is factual is based on hand-picked elements taken out-of-context from the bigger picture and manipulated to make us feel good about what we were taught. No one wants to believe that everything they know is a lie, but it seems to be true. Perhaps not every last detail of what we believe is a lie, but the lies circumvent every concept we ascribe to. Remember, it is the glory of YHWH to conceal a thing, and it is the honor of kings to seek it out. We are now priests and kings in Christ. Let us find it out.

Be blessed and bless!


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