My Soul Bared Forever – Poetry


Here is a collection of poetry that I have written over the course of my life. Some of it is actually from middle school days. I am continuing to try to find old written works that I have lost to fire, divorce, homelessness and/or/etc blah blah. What you see here are what I have found so far, and I will write new poetry when I am inspired to do so. Most of my poetry has been converted into songs which you can find on the music page. The work that never made it to song format will be here.

Some of it may be impossible for the average reader to identify what the subject really is. That’s okay. I am interested to know what your overall reaction is, and what questions arise as a result of reading the piece. Please feel free to leave comments! All comments are good, whether you love or hate the piece.

Enjoy and I hope you find a reason to produce your own poetic works!



Love’s Blade

Garbage Sounds Loudest