Origins and
concepts of historical understanding, spirits and evil

I have read many research
articles about creatures of lore, called demons, spirits, angels,
etc. In most of these writings I have noticed a trend that is
understandable as well as appalling. Understandable because people
tend to look to prolific writings of acceptable historical periods to
render a traceable and relevant understanding. In other words, people
tend to research ‘ancient’ documents from 2,000 to 3,000 years ago in
order to gain an understanding of place and time of origin in human
thought, to appease a desire to contain the sentiments of evil and
sin within a comfortable context of human-generated associations of
thought and philosophy. I have studied the anthropology of religion
as well, and even in the higher education circles, time limits are
placed on reference materials, as anything older than an acceptable
age would be pre-history and therefore not useful to answer questions
of origins. Appalling, because at the center of this tragedy is the
assumption that we are the apex of human evolution, that our science
and wisdom is superior to all that came before, that ancient earth
was populated by ignorant savage beasts of humanoid form, lacking the
modern human desire for truth and solidity in thought. Appalling,
because the more questions that are answered from this point of view,
the more elusive truth becomes, until all spiritual understanding is
limited within the constraints of the researcher’s personal cultural
and belief preferences. Appalling because evidence is cast aside with
nonchalance, indicative of -not research- but cherry picking.

I do not insinuate that
researchers are vehemently self-serving and evasive of truth, but
only that they tend to be limited to levels of understanding that
were force-fed to them in their early education. People find it
difficult to educate themselves after a lifetime of mis-education and
misleading interpretation. What I am going to provide in the
following is not to be considered relevant spiritual doctrine, or
even a concise view of origins, but only a basis for researchers to
lend themselves toward a new level of searching. I will
address more ancient topics and considerations, and it is for the
researcher to find the evidence, to educate themselves in the
epistemology, historicity, and conceptual analysis that will, for
what it is worth, lead to a more realistic understanding of the
origins of the earth and the sin and evil that is within it.

Origins of the world we call

“In the beginning ELOHIM
created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 Holy Bible

Task: research Jewish mystic
considerations that the word used for “In the beginning” is a
single word, starts with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet,
insinuating that it is not THE beginning of EVERYTHING, but the
beginning of the story that is to follow.

It is erroneous to assume
that the Bible was contrived to convey the entirety of
multi-universal history. It is designed – each word hand-picked and
delivered for specific meaning/associations – to give an
understanding of the world we find ourselves in, to elucidate the
necessary actions that must be taken in order to benefit from the
life we live on this world, to show us where the path to the greatest
end lies and to help us stay on that path.

This is the oldest and most
relevant epic of earth origin, I do not apologize to the
anti-religious for this statement, and I hope that one day after your
years of research, you also find this to be a true statement.


This is the basis of the
following text, and if you cannot stomach this much, perhaps you
should close this, find a mythological reference book from the
medieval ages, and further educate yourself in the mythology that
makes you feel most comfortable. For those that wish to continue,
please read with your skeptic glasses firmly in place and attempt a
posture of learning. I have only written this with dread in my heart
at how it would be misused and misinterpreted, so please use your
brain and read it with care. If you find yourself at any point
accepting any of the following narrative with blind faith, please
close the document and return to it later when you are more solidly
situated in a scholarly mindset. The following text is a compilation
of very ancient knowledge, references to which can be found not in
one single place, nor in one single culture of time or place. This
compilation references the entirety of my personal knowledge of
ancient times about the Original Sin of Adam in the garden in the east
of Eden. This will shock
many, but this ancient history includes the origins of mesoamerica,
India, China, African cultures, Nordic and Vedic society, Harrapan
culture, Native American, and so on.

Relationship with the

It is the most insidious
lie that is propagated about Judeo-Christian heritage, that it began
after Zoroaster of Persia, and that is was influenced by a subset of
Bronze Age religious philosophy. Relationship with the Creator has
been the foundation of Human life from the moment Ysh (Adam) was
given the Breathe of Life. At no point in history did this ‘religion’
begin to develop through a complex and systematic effort by early man
to explain his world. It has always been a part of human life, and
only by understanding this basic concept can you begin to grasp the
beauty of the narrative, and the vast awesomeness of how the Creator
has sought us all out, one human at a time, yearning to give us life.

Any time you confront a
concept, word or phrase that seems familiar to your belief system,
please try to read it as one who is unfamiliar. It is often in
commiseration with common words that the knowledge contained in a
document in falsified and misused. Use a dictionary, use several
dictionaries. Ask friends, determine meanings, search for the oldest
usages. Do not wither your intellect in a medieval Dante box of
mythological disproportion. Everything true makes sense in the
universe, and therefore it makes sense in terms of earth history. The
Bible makes sense, the interpretation does not always vie for that.
If your questions lead to dead ends of logic, try asking better
questions until the day that the truth is revealed and freedom is
perceived. I write this for the people with real questions, because I
see so many settling for strange truths that do not satisfy. I hope
you find a way to benefit from this.

The Fall of Man

Ysh stood under the canopy
of the first oak and watched as the immense creature of Ethereal
essence spoke with Ysha, his wife. The creature was called a Shining
One, The Serpent, that dragon of old. It was crafty with the way it
used meaning and purpose in an intricate weave of the tongue. Ysh
stared in awe as the Cherub of Heaven led Ysha down a dangerous path.
Truth became a twisted amalgamation of misdirection and
reinterpretation. The Cherub skillfully convinced Ysha to participate
in the only action that ELOHIM had forbidden. Ysh watched and did
nothing. It was his wife’s decision to make. Perhaps, as her husband,
he should step in and deal with the threat, but he was confused that
a mighty angelic creature from God’s Heaven would ever make a move
against the Will of ELOHIM. Ysh left it for Ysha to decide, and she
fell. He watched as the eminence of her presence winked out like a
candle in the wind. Her aura disappeared and she became a fragile,
lost shell – only a reflection of what she once was. He could see
that even though she had died, she still maintained that portion of
herself that was not dependent on the fleshly body. Her Mind, or
Spirit, was still there. It was just that there was so much missing.
He wept as the massive percussive electromagnetic wave of energy
rebounded through the garden, even knocking some trees down. Her
death nearly knocked him from his feet. It was such a powerful force
that left her, such a repellent stench of decay that settled around
her. He immediately felt the separation and knew that his wife was no
longer available to him for either company or compassion. She stared
at the Shining One in shock, vile hatred and unmasked repulsion
twisted her face into a horrible shape. The Cherub merely walked away
without a word and left her without closure. One word attempted to
escape her injured mind, ‘why?’ but she no longer had the ability to
communicate. She had to force her eyes to slip away from the back of
the Serpent, because his features were becoming fuzzy, it gave her a
feeling in her stomach that was the most heinous thing she had ever
physically felt. She bent at the waist and vomited. On her knees she
wept beneath the tree of knowledge and knew her mistake for what it
was. And the garden around her began to fade from sight as if it were
covered in a dense fog.

Ysh blinked, tears cascaded
down his bronze colored cheeks. Every drop landed in the garden soil
and sprouted a new growth of exotic plant life. His emotion bordered
on uncontrollable, so powerful was the desire in him to be with his
beloved, he could not withstand the torrent of agony. He wept.

Before him, under the tree
of knowledge, he could faintly discern her dead form kneel to the
ground, ejecting something liquid from her mouth. Her form faded into
shadow and then she was invisible to him. He screamed rage into the
garden, furious at the betrayal of the Cherub. He wailed for
restoration of his bride, but the words he had heard from his maker
echoed in his memory, “take dominion of the earth…” This planet
was his to govern, and her with him. It had been set with one
law, and that law had been broken. Blame could not fall on the
Shining One, the Dragon had no right here. Blame fell on Ysh as the
first and as the husband of Ysha. He had failed his
wife and his world.

He knew there was only one
way to be with her. It was a price he would pay a thousand times
over. The only doubt in his raging mind was whether or not he would
remember the great love that His maker had for them after he joined
her. Perhaps that great love would provide a way to life, and destroy
the work of the Dragon. Perhaps that great love would reconcile them
both to the Maker.

Ysh reached out and joined
his wife in death, begging ELOHIM for restoration even as he died.

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