So many blah blah blah that you can’t hear a thing.   

So many lalala its hard to hear them sing.                 

The city lights are so bright that the stars cannot be seen.                                                                                       

Workers work so hard, but they don’t make a thing. Cars so fast and filthy, food is just the same.             

You wake, but still asleep, continuing the game. Crowded streets full of strangers, cribs abandoned for a job.                                             

Married, not in love and your friends are just a mob.

Wandering of the tongue, it just won’t slow down.

Your mind on autopilot, why won’t you shut your mouth.                                                                                               

I offered you my gardens, my table, and my house.

But you ran to the gutter, and you shove garbage in your mouth.                                                                                     

I gave you a future, a way, and a name.

But you ran into the desert, to die among the snakes.

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