Intro Quest #1 – Book found in the blue shulker chest in the bedroom of MarshHare’s vacation house.

Clues – look for a book in the carpeted room.


Intro Quest #2 – Book is in bookshelves in the carpeted room of MarshHare’s vacation house.

Clues – Go to the mayor’s house.


Intro Quest #3 – Book is in bookshelves upstairs of Mayor’s house.

Clues – Go to the shoemaker’s house.


Intro Quest #4 – Book is hiding in the shoe maker’s house.

Clue – Go to Dragonfly471’s house in the valley below the castle.



Find Colonel #1 – Book is found in Dragonfly’s house in a chest.

Clue – Find the Colonel at the armory in Map Castle Village.


Find Colonel #2 – In the Colonel’s chest in the armory.

Clue – Go look in the baker’s house.


Find Colonel #3 – In the baker’s house.

Clue – Go to the village’s portal to Main city (a nether portal).


Find Colonel #4 – In the nether fort.

Clue – Follow the path up to find the Colonel.


Find COlonel #5 – Book is in the nether “jail.”

Clue – Take the Colonel egg back to the Map Castle Village altar. (take the key)


Find Colonel #6 – In Zombie Cleansing Altar secret room.

Clue – Use the lever to find the hidden entrance to the secret basement.


Final Act – In altar secret basement.

Clue – Go to the Hub in Main city and find a book called Extravagant.



Extravagant #1 – In the Hub on the signpost.

Clue – Go to the Farm.


Extravagant #2 – In the bedroom of the Farm.

Clue – Look in a furnace for the next book.


Extravagant #3 – In the furnace in the Farm house.

Clue – Go on the South road to Strip Mining Company.


Extravagant #4 – In the chest at Strip Mining Company.

Clue – Find a book in the mine, near a spawner.


Extravagant #5 – At the spawner in the mine.

Clue – Go to Milkmaid Village.


Extravagant #6 – in the bigger house backroom, chest.

Clue – Go to the Church.


Extravagant End – In Church.

Clue – You own the Church.



Massive #1 – In Church (back in the right side)

Clue – Go to Massive Foods Inc.


Massive #2 – In Massive Foods Inc Welcome Center

Clue – Fight your way to the top of the building.


Massive #3 – In the chest in the hut at the top of Massive Foods Inc.

Clue – Go to Rogue Castle (fly using the elytra).



Rogue #1 – In the room in Rogue Castle.

Clue – Clean the castle, find the treasure.


Rogue #2 – In back lower room of Rogue Castle.

Clue – Go to the Tallest Tower in Main city.


Rogue #3 – In the top room of the Tallest Tower in Main city.

Clue – look around the room for more clues.


Rogue #4 – In the shulker chest above the bed.

Clue – Go to That One Place.


Rogue #5 – In shulker box in the floor of the Bard’s Vacation house.

Clue – Go to Ironpot village.


Rogue #6 – Top of Ironpot Village lookout tower.

Clue – Look for more spies.


Rogue #7 – Other side of the lookout tower.

Clue – Go to Stranger Ville.


Rogue #8 – In Stranger Ville highest tower room.

Clue – Grab gear and find the Colonel in Map Castle.


Rogue #9 – In the Map Room of Map Castle.

Clue – Find a manual near a spawner in the castle.


Rogue #10 – The Manual is in the little tower hanging on the big tower.

Clue – Go to Possessed Castle.



Possessed #1 – In the lower room of Possessed Castle.

Clue – Find the Lawyer up in the walls.


Possessed #2 – Up on the wall of the castle.

Clue – Throw the Lawyer in the Jail at High Park.


Final Possession – In the chest in the Jail at High Park.



Mining # -2: In the chest right below the Hub at Main city.

Clue – search the Seaport in Main city.


Mining # -1: In the seaport tower.

Clue – Go to Oversea House.


Mining #1 – In the Oversea House.

Clue – Go mining below the house (go down the ladders).


Mining #2 – In the room with lots of ores in the mine.

Clue – Go to the Ancient Lighthouse.


Mining #3 – In the Ancient Lighthouse.

Clue – Look for clues deep beneath the Hub.


Mining #4 – In the Archaelogy dig site area, path with a door.

Clue – Look for a sword in the mine. (Farther down the path).