I always wanted to be in a band. It's one of those secret dreams that I never shared with anybody. I did take three sessions of voice in college, and I have sung on the team at church, but I never joined a band. Instead, I learned a bit about online music production and then worked out some songs on my own. On this page, you will find my own songs; the music, lyrics, and vocals produced by me myself. All by myself. You will also find artist highlights of various lesser known or less represented Christian artists that make way better music than I do. Dive in and enjoy!


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Indie Quality Music

These are not studio quality pieces. These are as indie as it gets. I like to think that part of the experience is the random audio quality issues. It brings a unique flair to the song and kind of makes it even more interesting. I know a lot of people will argue that it's just unprofessional or cheap. All I can say to that is, "maybe." I'm not a professional and I didn't pay someone to fine-tune each song.


Why Am I Offering it Here?

I really do believe that my songs are unique and deserving of at least some attention. By offering the music here I am making it available for free listening to anyone that enjoys it and doesn't want to buy each song. I am also providing the opportunity to actually buy each song with a full Creative Commons license, which means you can download it, chop it up, use the lyrics in your own production, and create remixes. Once you buy it, it's yours. You just need to make sure that your final re-work has attributions that point to me or my site or both.
Be sure to read the warning for Warrior's Fade (the song) in regard to the sound effects.


Why Sell?

Selling my music is going to help pay for the cost of operating prophetofwar.com and the companion sites. If you want to support me and you love the music or you want to make a better version of them, consider purchasing these original songs by MarshHare. I will also consider providing transcripts to buyers if it is requested.
Become a proud owner of insightful and fearless songs by the one and only MarshHare.





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