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I started Minecraft because my kids wanted me to download it for them. They asked for the trial version, but my pride made me buy the full game for them haha. I had to see what the fuss was about, and found myself strangely attracted to the weird pixelated block universe. I have mostly played in creative mode, but I have a map currently available for download for the Windows 10 version that I built in survival mode (scroll down). 
The main quest line is in MarshMap Questing12.5-27-18. After you finish this map, be sure to download the follow-up MarshMap Questing2_12012018. This map will lead you to an exciting time split in the story and you will then go back in time to experience the origins of evil in the upcoming in-development map After The Beginning!

For Windows 10 download the game from the app store.


2018 Resource Pack! Newest at the top...






MY Minecraft Windows 10 Edition experience:

MY Minecraft Windows 10 Edition experience: Mostly built in Survival Mode, I have continued the build in Creative Mode. The MarshMap quest line now has three separate map downloads.

***TIPS: make sure the settings are set to survival. You can adjust settings just like any other Minecraft map!***

MarshMap Questing (first quest line)

LATEST UPDATE: 5/27/2018 4:37 PM CST

enjoy a cool quest adventure in survival, normal mode!

 MarshMap Questing12.5-27-18
 Immerse yourself in the story of Map Castle and its heroes! Follow the Colonel as he takes the blame for the fall of the castle and fights to defend it! Rise from a normal soldier to an epic hero and catch the evil Lawyer! Then download the follow-up map MarshMap Questing2 to experience the rest of the story.
(To download my map from mediafire, click A link down here …)

MarshMap Original Quest http://www.mediafire.com/file/ydjekfqayig5x9u/MarshMap-Questing12.5-27-18.mcworld

quest guide here > http://prophetofwar.com/marshmap-quest-guide/

MarshMap Questing Part 2

Now that you have beaten MarshMap, a new evil encroaches upon the land! In a new village that was built after the war, a new evil has emerged. You are called upon by the people to destroy the evil and discover why the evil is back. You end up face to face with the Master, who shows you the ends of the earth and then takes you back in time to the next map, which will be available soon!  Download MarshMap Questing2 to engage the enemy once more!

MarshMap Questing2 


MarshMap Questing Part 3 – After The Beginning!

In this brand new map, experience the challenging end of the MarshMap quest line! You have been sent back in time to just a few years after the flood! Fight to end the new incursion of evil caused by the son of Noah!




OR play in a crazy modded warzone

with Jimbo Acob's Modern Weapons Addon Texture V7 and Wayukian PE texture pack by GrayDisk (both downloaded from http://mcpedl.com/


OR you can start in creative mode and enjoy the scenery


or start in survival mode and fight mobs from the new spawners!


Or play in this map, where you can see how much I built in survival mode.




 Places to find other MC stuff>>>




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