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Defense Anima Quests

Raijin ForsakenWorld

June 16 at 7:22pm

DEFENSE ANIMA- Forsaken World (in case you missed something somewhere):
After you go to Nightfall Citadel from Wine Barrel Village, you must talk to Rodgers> press “T” and go to the solo tab, select Lionheart Camp LVL 20 and apply. Complete “Parade Drilling” (I recommend zooming out and rotating your camera for a bird’s eye view, which lets you see the space you need to fill). You do not need to fight the battles to move the quest forward. Next talk to Henry, and he will ask you to complete “Godlike Glory” x 10. Then you talk to Rachel and get pet stone and items, followed by a quest to get 200 healing potions from Ammy. Next is Alexander and the “Guide: Guild” quest followed by Rodgers- “Arm Wine Barrel Village.”

At this point, you will return to Wine Barrel Village. First talk to Obiazulu. This will direct you to Netta, then Medina (kill crabs), then Moreno (kill spiders/need eg meat), then Ochoa (Wild Delicious quest, wolves/bears), then go to Moonwish Cliffs, then Suri (sandworms, fishkins), then Dragon Statue, then Okun/Biel (LVL 40 needed, Bloodpact), Gazrot/Melisah (Toxic Lizard, Sand Lizard- watch for poison), back to Okun then Samba (LVL 50 needed, Hydra), then Teemer (LVL 55 needed, Gator, Tiger Shark, Deepsea Naga), Teemer transforms you into a Naga and you talk to Naga Queen Shadow, then back to Obiazulu. Talk to Hugh (LVL 60 needed), then go back one more time to Obiazulu to get the Anima Shelter.

If you don’t have the anima, check with these NPCs to see if there is a yellow mark over their head.



Raijin ForsakenWorld

June 16 at 8:20pm

*If you are under level 95 I recommend a party including one decent DPS and healer to help with this quest (personally tested)*
Talk to Hugh for the “Gather in Winter Heights” quest (talk to Morin), then talk to the Vengeance Promoter to enter– select “Vengeance Winter Heights.” Morin is immediately inside the instance. Talk to him once, then auto route to his second location. You will need to talk to him twice to get both quests that require you to talk to Shylia (one is for relics, the other for your LVL 90 main quest). You will have “piece of an artifact” in your bag. Return to Nightfall Citadel.

Teleport to Shrine of Genesis in the Land of Origination. Talk to Shylia- “Piece of an Artifact” first (“Problem” starts your LVL 90 main quests and teleports you to the Abyss). Just beyond Shylia you will see Rose Queen, who will have a yellow mark over her head. Talk to her and you will get “Dimmed Elemental Relic.”

Teleport to Abyss, Ferryman’s Dwelling and talk to Andros. He will give you a quest to slay bone dragons (for bone shards). When you turn in the quest, he will give you “bone grinder.” Right click on the bone grinder to get “bone dust.” Right click on the bone dust to fuse with the dimmed relic, which evolves into “Glimmering Elemental Relic.”

Return to Nightfall Citadel and talk to Hugh, taking the “Hugh’s advice” quest. Return to Abyss, Judgement Square- talk to Rose Queen, taking the “Soul Remnant” quest (slay Skeleton mage/warrior).

Once completed you will get a yellow mark over the two kids next Rose Queen. Talk to both and take their quests (“Child of Pork” and “Child of Spicy”). Go to the vendors near the teleport crystal and talk to the Cooking Tutor. Buy milk, chili, and fresh fruit juice from the Raw tab, and boar meat from the On Sale tab. Right click on “Dicco’s cup” and “Wright’s cup” to get the items needed for both quests (both cups are in your bag). Return to the kids and complete their quests.

You will now see a yellow mark over Rose Queen. Talk to her and take the “Dew of Rose” quest. Right click on the dew of rose to fuse it with glimmering elemental relic and evolve into “Contented Elemental Relic.”

Teleport to Abyss, Calamity Ruins, and talk to Clan Elder, taking the “Maniac Beast” quest (Cerberus hairs). Complete and take “Inferno Beast” quest (Cerberus tooth)- a mini boss. Complete and take “Indisputable Grudge” quest (sinful wraith), turn in to Clan Elder. Take “Report back to Rose Queen” quest. Right click on “Vicious Essence” (in your bag) to fuse with Contented Elemental Relic evolving to “Shining Elemental Relic.”

Report back to Rose Queen in Judgement Square, taking the “Elemental Relic” quest. This opens the tutorial for your Relic skills, and Rose Queen will gift you a LVL 1/Quality 1 Relic, you choose attack focused or defense focused.

Quests that give you Relic Items:
Hermit (Abyss), Beggar(Abyss), Final Decision (floating island, Highland), Darley’s Plan (Baptism Square, Highland)

Please if you know of other quests that I am not familiar with or have forgotten that give you relic item, comment where they can be found. Thank you!

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