Love’s Blade
Horseback, downtrodden in my rusty knight gear. 

I fought all my demons and fought all my fears. 

The rust is from the soaking of the river of my tears. 

It chunks away and falls but I dont need it here. 

My sword is in it’s sheathe to be never pulled again. 

I dont need protection in the company of friends. 

I smile as I approach you with my arms stretched wide. 

I hold you, kiss, caress you in the natural love-born high. 

But soon you are disgusted for no reason I can find. 

You spit into my face and hiss that I am blind. 

I twist my face in horror disbelieving what I’m hearing. 

My pain feeds your rage as your angel face keeps leering. 

You complain about the smell of my hero’s war-won sweat. 

I whisper that I love you, you put your hate blade to my neck. 

Tell me that I’m nothing while you cut across my throat. 

We could have been good, but you’d rather be alone. 

I nod in understanding while my blood stains me red. 

Tomorrow will begin the days of love once again.

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