I am not affiliated with KH but I believe they are the most useful resource for real research in every scientific field with a real desire to understand the Bible.

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1. What is your mission statement?

Koinonia House is a non-profit ministry dedicated to creating, developing and distributing materials to stimulate, encourage and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

2. General Questions

To assist you in locating the answers to any general questions you might have, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Visit the Articles section of our site. Many of the items from our Personal Update monthly news journal have been placed here and may contain the information you are seeking.
  • Try the Key Word Search feature on our web site. Any article or radio show containing the key word you enter will be retrieved.

3. Who are Chuck and Nancy Missler?

Please read their biography and testimony through our About Us page.

4. When will Chuck Missler be speaking at a church near me?

You can keep up on Chuck Missler’s speaking schedule through our online Events Calendar. (You can access the Calendar through the left sidebar under the “Information” heading.) Chuck is open to being invited to speak by your local churches. Consider asking your church leadership to request a speaking engagement.

5. How can I get permission to post K-House articles on my own web site?

We freely allow other sites to post our articles, as long as:

  1. The author is credited.
  2. A link is made to the Koinonia House web site.
  3. The article is not edited.

If any typos are found in the article to be posted, please contact our Internet Team and notify them of the article and the specific typo so that they can correct it.

6. May I print out and make copies of articles for the benefit of my own Bible study / Sunday school?

Yes, as long as they are not being used commercially for resale in any product.

7. I tried to download the free RealPlayer, but when I link to the RealNetworks site they want me to pay for it. Where is the free player?

To download the latest version of Real One without paying for it, click here.

8. Where can I buy Avi Lipkin’s books?

Avi writes under the pen name Victor Mordecai. His books are available through his web site.

9. Do you offer your online audio teachings in any format other than RealAudio streaming?

At this point we only stream through Real Audio. We do have a selection of MP3 downloads available. All of our online audio teachings, aside from the archived shows of The Missler Report, are also available through our online store as audio tape briefing packs and commentaries, MP3 CD-ROMs, and some Audio CDs.

Our Berean Online Fellowship program allows you to download the current K-Rations study in MP3 format each week.

To download the latest version of Real One without paying for it, click here.

10. Do you have any materials in Spanish?

Yes. Las 70 Semanas de Daniel.

11. I’m having problems with my RealAudio player:

See RealNetwork’s FAQ page for downloading or sound quality problems: RealAudio Answers

AOL Visitors – we are aware that AOL has many problems with multimedia. If the above link to RealAudio did not address your need, contact AOL.

To download the latest version of Real One without paying for it, click here.

12. Why does the Windows Media Player streaming not work for me?

Some firewall software can block Windows Media Player streaming by default.  Microsoft’s website contains some information about this.  Click here.

If you have any firewalls installed on your system, or if you are on a network with firewalls installed, please attempt to reconfigure the firewall to allow Windows Media Player streams, or disable the firewall for a limited time to test and see if that is causing the problem.

13. Email Koinonia House

If your question has not been answered, and you still need assistance, Go here to email K-House.

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