My personal experience with social media has been an eye-opener. I was forced to crawl out from under my rock, learn to discuss and argue productively, and identify different patterns in communication. I learned over the years that simply ‘telling the truth’ is not the most applicable method to disseminate information. It is important to utilize ‘area awareness;’ analyze the content, motion, and implications of what is said. Once you are familiar with the environment, you are more able to deliver content that can be heard and used by your viewers. We are often putting contrary views in public forums only to find ourselves under attack. This is actually good. The key is to learn how to guide the attacks into a productive process of discussion. Emphatic pronouncements are not ideal, so use them wisely. All in all, keep your heart centered on compassion. It isn’t as important to prove your point as it is to show your heart. I like to promote thought process. If people can think for themselves, they can overcome most obstacles. All search for knowledge is useful. All honest searching leads to one source.

Here are some options for social media. I am not endorsing or advertising any of these, it is simply a foot forward in the quest for a censor-free, non-politically motivated media provider.


A List of 40 Christian Social Networks