Welcome to prophetofwar.com, the online ministry of Nick A. Michael aka MarshHare.


Basically, the entire mission is to provide a framework for individuals to become able, willing, and empowered to be the one to stand when the Father searches to and fro throughout the land to find one person who will stand as a harbinger/vindicator/defender for the people. Will you become the one who will stand?

Even if you do not share my faith, or do not want to become the one who will stand, you will find content here that will motivate and inspire you. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation, even if you completely disagree with what you see, hear, and read here.


I would like you to become familiar with these two videos since they are the basic framework of the training that I want to provide. Please consider becoming engaged by commenting. Join the Facebook page and become a regular contributor to the conversation!


I am revamping the entire site to make it more relevant, faster, and prettier. I would appreciate comments that detail what you like or dislike about the new look of the site.  I am going to reach out to a few individuals to see if they want to contribute. If you know someone that might be interested, have them email me.

NEW COMPANION SITE! You can visit the companion site at Shadows & Candles.

If you are an artist or another contributor, I will be doing my best to get your stuff back on the site. Contact me if you want/need priority booking.

UPDATE 10/22: for some reason that neither tech supports could figure out, all of two years of content was wiped and the backups are completely useless. So, I’m rebuilding from scratch. This being the case, I am doing my best to make sure to include the old content from contributors. Email me if you think I forgot about you. Thanks, Marsh