I have completely changed the layout to improve the end-user experience. You won’t find things that were here before. Some of it is because I am attempting to streamline the content. Some of it is because I haven’t re-posted the content. You will notice that some of the “new” posts in the coming weeks will be something that you have already seen, this is because I am rebuilding the site from scratch and reposting what I believe to be relevant or useful to you.

I encourage you to visit the companion site at Shadows & Candles to begin a life-changing experience by renovating your thought life. S&C has moved to WordPress hosting! It is no longer at the siterubix.com address, so please edit your bookmarks to reflect the new location at shadowscandles.wordpress.com

It has now been over two years since I first became physically disabled. I am still plowing away at the website and I am still making attempts to change my skill set to be able to earn money online. I am hoping to avoid the need to take disability payments for the rest of my life. I will be adding some affiliate links to the site to try to pull in an honest income. Remember that all purchases made through PoW will add to my monthly income. You don’t pay higher amounts to buy through these links, the cost for products is the same as if you went somewhere else. Please consider stopping by PoW to start your shopping and help support my efforts here. 

I have moved back to Central Oregon and I am getting back on my feet here, learning micro-farming and continuing in my university classes.

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Be blessed, Marsh

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