Another night and my soul seeks rest. 

Just like the last night, this cold in my chest.

My eyes burn black with this ancient pain. 

I’ve finaly returned, please God don’t let it be the same. 

The same words spoken drumming through my mind. 

The same kind of failure could end mankind. 

God give me strength only to make it right. 

End my story of pain and return us to the Cities of Light. 

This agony, so old, blows to me on the wind. 

And if I can forget, it always blows back again. 

Hold up my head, open wide my eyes,

so I must see the agony I gave mankind. 

There is only one end that will satisfy the HIGH. 

One resolution to unbind my mind. 

3 visions, 1 dream of that fateful night. 

But only 1 Defender, the one who brought the Blight. 

The Heavens wait with hope for the song I would sing. 

The demons cringe in fear for the judgement I would bring. 

To me was given power to complete the cleansing rite. 

Yet from me is only guilt, and pain betrays my life.

Sanctify me Father, and set me right.

I will endure and lean on your might.

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