ENTROPIA UNIVERSE, in my opinion and from my experience is a slow-paced semi-action game for grown-ups. I wouldn’t call it fun, but a huge part of the game is keeping your accounts balanced and making everything pay for itself. I suppose this is fun for a lot of people. I play with people that seem to enjoy it, which adds to my gaming experience. Do not play if you cannot control yourself. Random kills and gear purchases will only hurt you and may cause your game to end at a zero account balance, which can be remedied by purchasing game money. I have been to space, killed space monsters, and killed mobs in 4 different worlds so I am having fun in a way. Since the game money has a real world cash value, there really are unlimited possibilities to become part of a real world company that is invested in the game. There is a small potential to actually profit and receive a payout in cash.



Official video from their website:


good drop in RT tg