I traveled on paths too slick with blood to keep my pace.

I walked alone, running from the goddess I must face.

A desire and hunger gnawing, my heart was worn thin.

I swore in vain to never seek her heart again.

The ages blurred, I lost bits of myself along the way.

My once proud and noble step became a shuffling sway.

I left my armor in pieces on the path where I had walked.

Full of guilt, I dropped my shoulders and never talked.

The gloom and despair ripped my emotions to shreds.

Just one thought of mine would have broken others’ heads.

Tattered and hopeless in mountainous clime,

the once mighty hero just laid down to die.

Content to enter Valhalla on the wings of my true birthright,

I slowed my troubled breathing and stared into the sky.

But the Father of creation would not let my soul take flight.

The Spirit that formed my essence made me keep my life.

As my vision faded, while I mumbled in the night,

a gentle voice was singing to me songs of fire and light.

She whispered in my ear sweet rhymes quickening my blood.

A tale of things forgotten and explained my forlorn love.

A gentle breeze against me bade me to stand and fight the sorrow.

Her energy shone around me, life for the fallen to borrow.

Standing, legs shaking, I leaned against the ancient tree.

It gently helped me down as I settled to my knees.

My aching bones popped, muscles strained to breathe.

On the ground for comfort, the bushes spread their leaves.

My dry eyes were opened, my chin tilted toward the sky,

where I beheld the blazing colors of Auroras light.

Her image was of color, in a mosaic of gray.

She lit the pathway there, and I continued on my way.

Despite her effort and her presence, my mind was on God.

I wanted to embrace Him for lifting the dark fog.

I wanted to dance and sing, for letting me live this long.

I walked more sure and steady,

on the path on which I strode.

I lifted up my head to represent the highest throne.

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