Age Of Grace Bible (condensed)

The Condensed Bible for Modern Western Believers

written to save you the effort of discovering GOD for yourself

Chapter 1

The Old Testament

In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the earth. The rest of the story of the creation of the earth and the heavens can be disregarded since it has no relevance to modern theological doctrine. Especially regarding the seventh day when GOD sanctified the seventh day and called it holy. Only the beginning of the first verse is necessary in order to formulate the doctrine that GOD is the creator. It is also incredibly important to disregard the sixth chapter of the original book of Genesis since it discusses events that no one actually believes anyway. By studying the sixth chapter of Genesis, it will give credence to most of the situations that arose in the rest of the Bible, and this cannot be permitted since we are now in the Age of Grace, so determined by Middle Ages religious leaders. Most of the history of the Old Testament (which presumably was written for the Jews, even though it repeatedly refers itself to the people of GOD, and not only the religious sect of the Pharisees, called the Jews, that was developed during Roman rule, and was based on the teachings of the Kabalah) contains accurate historical information about the relationship between the creator, who calls himself JHVH, and the people that obeyed his commands. It also contains information about the war between mankind and the usurpers. However, this history should be largely ignored, if not completely, because it gives a non-traditional understanding of the contents of the whole of the Bible, and modern theology has no room for such things. We know the truth of it and we will deny any understanding that defies our modern traditions. The only relevant parts of the Old Testament are referred to in the New Testament writings anyway, so it is completely reasonable to skip the entire Old Testament and move forward to the New Testament. It is the belief of modern theologians that only the New Testament is required in order to understand the proper way to follow Christ. It does not matter that Christ is the very WORD by which all things were created, and in whom all exists. It is the modern traditional belief that Christ came in the flesh in order to abolish his own words that he gave to his people in the Old Testament.

The Age Of Grace Bible

The Condensed Bible for Modern Western Believers

written to save you the effort of discovering GOD for yourself

Chapter Two

The New Testament

Since the entirety of modern Christian theological doctrine is to inspire Christ believers to follow their own hearts as to how and why they should worship, it is important to distinguish between actual historical documentation and the real meat of the New Testament. History is only interesting to those who cannot justify their faith through modern traditional doctrines. History lends itself to a deeper search for truth and often leads to disagreement between those interested in a historically accurate faith and those who pursue the modern doctrine. Therefore, the history contained in the New Testament should be avoided unless it can be used to promote our own beliefs. It is also important to note that Christ himself often quoted the Old Testament, and referred to Old Testament writers. This is irrelevant since the whole purpose of Christ was to free us from the chains of the Old Testament Law. It makes no difference that GOD himself wrote the 10 commandments and gave instructions to his people throughout the Old Testament. It is common knowledge that he came in the flesh to reject his own words and change the rules so that they are in our favor. While in the Old Testament times, it was imperative to obey the commands of GOD, in the New Testament times, the Age Of Grace, it is no longer even a consideration. For we know that Christ gave us the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want. Obeying the commands of GOD from the Old Testament is considered by modern theologians to be a disgusting act of defiance that wants to take away our freedom and put us once again under the Law. Therefore, it is considered good doctrine to ignore the commands of GOD of the Old Testament. Christ himself said that the law and the prophets are contained in just two rules; to love the LORD your GOD and to love your neighbor as yourself. Therefore, it is obvious that he has uncommitted his own word that he gave in the Old Testament, and created a new order of Grace. So, the meat of the New Testament is simply to do whatever you want, as long as you say you love GOD and your neighbor. It is also considered of somewhat importance to try to keep from harming others in your daily lives. All of the rest of the New Testament is simply a reiteration of what we already believe, so it is unimportant to actually read it. If one were to read the New Testament thoroughly, they would find that they cannot fully understand it without also reading and understanding the Old Testament. Since we have already established that the Old Testament is only for the Jews, we know that it is unnecessary. Therefore, it is the solemn belief of the Modern Theological Doctrine that it is only necessary to go to church on Sunday, listen to a short sermon, pay tithes and offerings to support the business and CEO of the church, and try to be nice to people the rest of the week as you pursue your own goals that you have determined for yourself.

I hope that you have enjoyed this compacted Age of Grace Bible, and that you blindly believe what we have taught, and that you do not inquire as to the truth for yourself. We know what we are talking about and any disagreement is foolish and unbiblical. The whole of the modern theology is thus; do as you will and harm none. Our entire CHURCH is built on this fact and it cannot be argued with.

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