The Internet of Things



I think the world is in for a massive surprise. Many Christians believe that arguing against this technology [from the perspective that it might be the mechanism for the Mark of the Beast] is going to stop the forward momentum. Here’s the deal, the world rotates on an industrial economic war complex. You can fight this with every biblical argument imaginable, but unless the Father stops it, it is going to happen. We stand on the cusp of a world filled with smart, thinking and communicating machines, capable of quantum interfacing, where mundane tasks will no longer be available to people. This will leave us with a vast amount of difficulties. Let’s put aside all of the doomsday prophecies and fear of a global anti-christ government, Let’s put aside all of the warnings from books like “The Sleeper,” “Animal Farm,” “1984” and all the countless modern movies that detail the most likely terrible results. Let’s pretend that it all works great and nobody dies. Here’s the problem: There will be a forced dualistic economy, where those with power &/or wealth will own the machines, and the programming, and the programmers. The government will be ubiquitous with the machines. There will be no need to take responsibility for your life, it will be covered by the AI. What becomes of the people that cannot afford to invest in this? Or people that get forced out of the economic boom by the mega-investors? What will all of the low-income, low-education, limited physical capacity, limited mental capacity, old, and frail do when the machines take their jobs? Are you ready for this? Because I guarantee you, the rich and powerful are doing everything in their power to make sure they are ready.

Watch these videos, then go read Revelation of John, chapter 13. We don’t have long to adapt, before it’s too late to share. More videos linked below. . .

 and if you haven’t heard of Ray Kurzweil, I highly suggest that you inform yourself.

⇒ it’s long but ignore the rhetoric and see what he says about the tech ⇐ Click link