Ancient Aliens

I hear a lot of arguments about the existence of ancient aliens and how they shaped our world. Some argue for their existence, some against. What I find annoying is that Christians, in an attempt to shift the focus back onto GOD, often go hard against, and do everything they can to promote an alien free ancient civilization. Why is this annoying? I can sum it up with two questions: DO YOU BELIEVE ANGELS EXIST? if you are a bible believer, the answer is invariably, yes. WHERE DID ANGELS COME FROM? Job tells us (among other bible locations) that they were here before the earth was made. So all in all, they are aliens. As far as the ancient alien argument, their involvement began in Genesis and is recorded throughout the old testament to varying degrees of detail. That is why it is annoying to me.

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Things spoken

“I was praying really hard for months and I was asking for God to show me what my calling is. I finally realized, it’s to go to church on Sundays” said no one. Ever. Think about that right there.

Also, here’s a great song