Autistic kid gets disrespected by an out of control City Security Enforcer

This should never happen. What in the world!? So this cop engages the kid because “he was hopping” and the cop “didn’t know” if drugs were involved? When did it become a crime to walk away from a cop? This entire scenario enrages me and calls for vindication. I hope the family took this to court, or at the minimum to the chief and got some cops re-educated about how to do their job. Lady in the video… In the future, DO NOT APOLOGIZE. The officer was ludicrous and is deserving of a reprimand and re-training.

I’ve been an advocate for a vaccination-free system for a while, but really only applied it to myself, letting the sheeples do what they want. Recently I discovered that they have been putting mercury as well as other harmful ingredients in the public vaccines…. Today I was researching the ingredients a little bit, wondering if maybe I was just an obstinate fool. Perhaps, I thought, vaccines are not as dangerous as I thought. But it turns out they are. Also, they use elements that are gathered from the rain forests. Like, OMG right? If I was a liberal tree-hugger I would be freaking out right now.
Here’s an interesting article……
and a video walk-through of some research of an ingredient