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Welcome to House MarshHare! If you think gaming is for losers…. think again. I play games, and I have fun. Here’s some links and vids.

Primarily, over the years, I have played Minecraft, Forsaken World, and Entropia Universe. I find these to be fun enough to keep my interest. Check out my pic and vid collection, or check out the games themselves. It’s definitely better than starving your brain in front of the TV.

Minecraft ———>

Forsaken World —>

Entropia Universe ->


MY Minecraft Windows 10 Edition experience: Mostly built in Survival Mode, I have continued the build in Creative Mode. Unlike past updates, you now have two options: you can start either in creative mode and enjoy the scenery or start in survival mode and fight mobs from the new spawners!

 To download the map, click this link down here …