Gamers and Narcissism

Playing online mmorpgs can lead to stressful social interactions. What tends to happen in my case is that some tool will jump out of the crowd and attack my character, mental health, mother, or whatever by insults and deranged offensive slurs. This tends to happen at the most innocuous times during the most unimportant discussions. I do not claim to understand every reason for this behavior, but I do know this; it is easy to decipher social behavior in text form to identify pathological narcissism. This type of behavior is toxic and the perpetrator often believes they are a glowing benefit to society just for existing. They are wrong. I used to bow out of these interactions, but now I throw punches back. If you want to act like a douche-bag and then proceed to insult me, I will not bow out. I will view it as a direct attack and throw attacks back. However, in the long run – since I cannot likely help this person overcome their mental insufficiency – I don’t really care how it turns out. I don’t care at all and I hope that irks the living crap out of these narcissistic ass-hats (to use a term from the Marine Corps). All  in all, these people can ruin the most entertaining of games. If you let them.

Don’t let them.

In the following screenshot, you see a player suddenly going attack mode over a simple question about ToS and playing in a pvp event on both teams. Unfortunately, I did not ss the rest of the conversation, but my mother was insulted, I was insulted, and the attacks continued for a few minutes. I attacked back just out of principle. I didn’t really care and I still don’t. It’s all so very pathetic.

Minecraft Win10 edition Map!

All maps built and saved in normal difficulty survival mode. Achievements still unlockable!


Towers & Bridge Version! (version3)

Expanded build! Version 2 of Marsh Map now available on  

Marsh Map version 1 survival mode – no cheats – normal difficulty


new modern art!

Published on Mar 31, 2017

For interested buyers in this breathtaking and exhilarating work of modern art, please post bids below. I created this purely from instinct and the apparent lack of skill is my performance against the naysayers that only classify art as what they think is good. Listen to the eggs crackle in the GMO bacon grease on an electric grill that is part of the ecosystem damage problem, hear my nonchalant mediocre gruffness… This portrays the social pandemic and the utter nonsense of our social climate. This is a stunning masterpiece!

Make Your Decision While You Still Can


It is becoming a common theme to integrate socio-political biased and unsupported opinions into public policy, formulating a perfect basis for an emotionally driven culture that embeds itself in lack of discipline, lack of general ethics, and internally suicidal behaviorisms that are inherently psychopathic. I believe the AI capacity to completely eradicate any design of the most attainable liberty is making itself apparent in the abduction of the weaker minds in our society. You can ignore the hypnosis of this generation as long as you want, but do not complain when we live in an Orwellian world. For my part, I am going to do my best to avoid any support of the social media outlets that are participating in the thought-cleansing and group-think. We can only fight this for a short time, so let’s get our conscience in the web before the program writes us out of it permanently. Make your beliefs known, and make them “research able.” This world cannot support any more absolute idiocy. But, do not be afraid to be found wrong, and do not be afraid to fail. This is part and parcel with the learning process that we all go through. When confronted with concepts that you are not familiar with, go learn about it or accept your ignorance for what it is. The coming inception will not tolerate counter-intuitive, counter-productive religio-static compulsions. The only way to contend with the hate-breeding and group-thinking mindless hive-heads is to promote clear thought analysis, foundational beliefs, and verifiable faith. Our lives today are impacting the global web, getting imprinted into what will become the future of Artificially induced mechanized normalcy. Let your light shine, and make it bright so the whole world can feel it. Now is not the time to hide behind the rhetoric of days past, and is not the time to be fearful. Now is the time to prepare the harvest for the final reaping.

Don’t become overwhelmed, just keep growing 🙂