I’ve been an advocate for a vaccination-free system for a while, but really only applied it to myself, letting the sheeples do what they want. Recently I discovered that they have been putting mercury as well as other harmful ingredients in the public vaccines…. Today I was researching the ingredients a little bit, wondering if maybe I was just an obstinate fool. Perhaps, I thought, vaccines are not as dangerous as I thought. But it turns out they are. Also, they use elements that are gathered from the rain forests. Like, OMG right? If I was a liberal tree-hugger I would be freaking out right now.
Here’s an interesting article… https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs002620050614…
and a video walk-through of some research of an ingredient

This is War.

Life is difficult, at times it seems impossible. Such is the nature of existence on a fallen world. How much of the pain and sadness can you bear alone? How much of it is in charge of your life?

So, you can’t do certain things… is this different form normalcy?

So, you have to adapt your life to your ailments… is this so impossible to overcome?

It can be a burden beyond enduring for those that refuse to lean on the Source of Life. For them, I have nothing but pity and empathy. What agony it must be to endure and claw through the day on your own – by your own power in a broken shell of a body! I pray for all those who are bearing the burden of life and find themselves in a grief stricken hole of despair. It comes to all in various ways and is made known in various levels of pain or sadness, agony or rage. But, come it does.

All on earth must endure. How much better to endure as a champion of the Most High and walk, run, or crawl as you are able all the way to the end of your days here, always with a bright shining light and a deep compassion in your heart. How magnificent to scale the walls of an enemy stronghold and take him hostage in his own house whilst fighting your own weakness and physical limits! Drive on! Stop fighting when you’re dead. This is war.