This is War.

Life is difficult, at times it seems impossible. Such is the nature of existence on a fallen world. How much of the pain and sadness can you bear alone? How much of it is in charge of your life?

So, you can’t do certain things… is this different form normalcy?

So, you have to adapt your life to your ailments… is this so impossible to overcome?

It can be a burden beyond enduring for those that refuse to lean on the Source of Life. For them, I have nothing but pity and empathy. What agony it must be to endure and claw through the day on your own – by your own power in a broken shell of a body! I pray for all those who are bearing the burden of life and find themselves in a grief stricken hole of despair. It comes to all in various ways and is made known in various levels of pain or sadness, agony or rage. But, come it does.

All on earth must endure. How much better to endure as a champion of the Most High and walk, run, or crawl as you are able all the way to the end of your days here, always with a bright shining light and a deep compassion in your heart. How magnificent to scale the walls of an enemy stronghold and take him hostage in his own house whilst fighting your own weakness and physical limits! Drive on! Stop fighting when you’re dead. This is war.


I believe that what you believe is unbelievable.

Why is it so difficult for people to conceptualize that what was once considered magic was previously known as a scientific or technological process or tool. That which was once considered magic is now again a scientific or technological process or tool. Not a few hundred years ago, opening portals into other dimensions was a forbidden magical sorcery. Today it is a common studied procedure performed by groups such as CERN. A few thousand years ago, it was a common practice. Why is so much of our history on earth only understood as a fall-out from medieval mis-understandings? Can anyone try to realize and comprehend that history did not begin with idiots and morphologically adaptive morons?

Ineptified Construct

Most people live a life of double innuendos,

rapidly searching for secret shadows to creep into.

Sometimes they get caught by suspecting bedfellows,

some days their game is a never ending success.

At times the mirror cracks and the facade is destroyed,

Yet they ever progress toward the nameless void.

The blackness inside becomes the darkness without,

and no one observing is left with any doubt.

The identity they showed us is false and obscure,

we will never know who they really truly were.

Norway’s AI ship! ChameleonOsaur! False Facts! Tyson makes mistakes!  From ZME Science blog… Grunge…

Norway plans to launch the world’s first autonomous, fully electric ship next year

Big, armoured dinosaur might have used camouflage to avoid predators

False facts that changed the world

Basic facts Neil deGrasse Tyson has gotten wrong




Gamers and Narcissism

Playing online mmorpgs can lead to stressful social interactions. What tends to happen in my case is that some tool will jump out of the crowd and attack my character, mental health, mother, or whatever by insults and deranged offensive slurs. This tends to happen at the most innocuous times during the most unimportant discussions. I do not claim to understand every reason for this behavior, but I do know this; it is easy to decipher social behavior in text form to identify pathological narcissism. This type of behavior is toxic and the perpetrator often believes they are a glowing benefit to society just for existing. They are wrong. I used to bow out of these interactions, but now I throw punches back. If you want to act like a douche-bag and then proceed to insult me, I will not bow out. I will view it as a direct attack and throw attacks back. However, in the long run – since I cannot likely help this person overcome their mental insufficiency – I don’t really care how it turns out. I don’t care at all and I hope that irks the living crap out of these narcissistic ass-hats (to use a term from the Marine Corps). All  in all, these people can ruin the most entertaining of games. If you let them.

Don’t let them.

In the following screenshot, you see a player suddenly going attack mode over a simple question about ToS and playing in a pvp event on both teams. Unfortunately, I did not ss the rest of the conversation, but my mother was insulted, I was insulted, and the attacks continued for a few minutes. I attacked back just out of principle. I didn’t really care and I still don’t. It’s all so very pathetic.